Cheney’s water comes from three ground water wells. For more information regarding the quality of Cheney’s water, please view the Consumer Confidence Report..

Stop the leaks!

If your water bill seems high, check immediately for leaks in your systems. A dripping faucet or other unsuspected leaks may be the cause of a high bill.

Water waste at 40 pounds of pressure:

a 1/32" leak wastes 170 gallons in 24 hours

a 1/16" leak wastes 970 gallons in 24 hours

a 1/8" leak wastes 3600 gallons in 24 hours.

The smallest of these leaks will add over $20.00 to your annual water bill.

Please call 542-3815 regarding any water leaks.


A one-time setup fee of $25.00 is required to be paid at connection time and is non-refundable. Residential Customers will also be required to pay a $50.00 deposit for water, Commercial customers a $100 deposit for water. New customers will not be charged a deposit if they provide a reference letter from a previous utility company showing at least 12 months of service with no disconnect or more than 3 late fees. Deposits will not be required for current customers with no disconnects or 3 late fees within the past 12 months, who change residences. The deposit will be refunded on the account once 12 consecutive months of payments are made on time. The complete Utility Deposit Policy may be reviewed at City Hall.

Water Fee Schedule

Connection Fee (3/4” or less)


Connection Fee (1”)


Connection Fee (1” or less/Oustide City)


Connection Fee (1 ½ “)


Connection Fee (1 ½ “ Outside City)


Connection Fee (2”)


Connection Fee (2” Outside City)


Connection Fee (4”)


Connection Fee (4” Outside City)


Connection Fee (Commercial)

$750/$100 x # units

New Service Connection Fee


New Service Connection Fee (After 3:30pm/on weekends & Holidays)


Reconnect Fee


Reconnect Fee (After 3:30pm/on weekends & Holidays)


Monthly Service (Up to 1000 gallon)


Monthly Service (Up to 1000 gal outside City)


Consumption Fee

$2.20 per 1000/mo

Consumption Fee (Outside City)

$2.20 per 1000/mo

Multi-unit Dwelling w/ 1 meter $5.00 per unit/mo
Utility Equity Fee (outside City limits) $2,500.0
Fire Hydrant Meter Fee $25/mo

Meter Testing Charge


Deposit (Water)

$50.00 Residential

$100.00 Commercial

Bulk Water (Invoice Minimum $9.00)

$9.00/1000 gallon

Delinquent fee (after the 17th) 10%
Replacement of Water Meter MIU $90 + labor
Replacement of Water Meter Lidlock $15.00
Meter Read Fee (non-digital) $25/month