The Souders Historical Museum depicts what life was like in Cheney and rural Kansas in the late 1880s and early 1900s.

There are a number of buildings on the Farm, including a Main Street, several businesses, a school, a church, a homesteaders cabin, and train depots from both Cheney and neighboring Garden Plain. The buildings contain a variety of artificacts, historical photos and educational materials.

Built by the late Floyd and Norma Souders, the Museum was built up over many, many years. Some of the buildings are re-creations, while others, such as the Dewey School, pictured at left, are historical structures that have been moved to the Museum. The Dewey School was a one-room school located in Kingman County just a few miles west of Cheney, and was in operation from 1880 until 1944.

The following insert was taken from The Small Town and Its Future by Floyd R. Souders.

Because we are interested in preserving the pioneer history of this section of Kansas, we have started our private historical museum located on our farm one-half mile west of Cheney, where we have room to grow. In a 45- by 50 foot building we are displaying the story of the community through pictures and articles used in the different periods.

Our pioneer chapel tells the story of early day churches in the community. The furnishings are from the first church buildings and pictures on display show these early churches and members. There is a display of Bibles used by members of our families in pioneer days. There is room for a rural school setting nearby.”

The Museum is located about 1/2 mile west of Cheney on MacArthur Road (39th St. S.), and is open Sat-Sunday 10am-6 pm. Call Michelle at 402-671-3042.


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