Trash Pickup with Waste Connections
Frequently Asked Questions

When does trash service pick up?

Trash service picks up every Monday. Recycle is every other Monday. Please follow our Facebook page to see updates and reminders regarding trash service. Recycling dates are posted to our Community Calendar. Please put out carts on Sunday night as the trash company starts early Monday morning.


I have a large item that I need to dispose of such as a couch, what do I do?

In order to dispose of large items such as furniture or mattresses you will need to contact City Hall during business hours and let them know. The cost will depend on the item. Most items are $15 per item with some exceptions. Mattresses or Box Springs are $30 each piece. Carpet is based on square footage.


My trash cart is broken or smells bad, what do I do?

If your trash cart is broken please call city hall for a replacement. A replacement cart will not be issued if your cart smells. You can resolve this issue by washing out your trash cart when it’s empty.

The City of Cheney has an agreement with Waste Connections to provide curb-side trash and recycling pick-up. 

All trash and recycle will only be picked up at the curbside with the exception of the downtown business district.  No trash or recycle will be picked up in the alleys. Alley service is only available between Santa Fe St. & Fifth Ave along Main St.

There will also be 3 different sizes of trash carts, 35 gallon, 65 gallon and 95 gallon capacity.  Recycle carts will only come in the 95 gallon size. Please contact the city office if you would like a 35 gallon or 65 gallon cart. All cart sizes are the same price. Small businesses using one to two 95 gallon size carts will also have the opportunity to be serviced through the city contract with Waste Connections.

Trash will continue to be picked up every Monday. Recycling will be picked up every other Monday. Information regarding your recycle pick up day is available on our community calendar. 

An Annual Clean-up day is scheduled for the end of May - first of June each year to help residents dispose of large items, free of charge. The exact day and additional information will be posted each year after the day is scheduled.

Trash fees-
Residential trash
Trash service (Delinquent after the 17th) 10%
Trash (Additional Residential cart) $10.00/month
Recycle (Additional cart) $8.00/month
Commercial Trash Small Business/95 gallon cart $19.25/month
Commercial Trash (Additional Cart) $10.00/month
Commercial recycling $8.00 for 1st cart
Commercial recycling $8.00 for 2nd cart
Large Item Disposal- $15.00
Mattresse/Box Springs Disposal- $30/each
Carpet Disposal- per sq ft

The City of Cheney began a Residential Trash and Recycling Service for all City residences, establishing trash and recycling as one of the City's utilities on January 1, 2008.

Reasons for establishing a residential trash service.

When multiple haulers drive up and down the alleys and streets, the streets and alleys deteriorate and cost the City in long term maintenance.  It has been estimated that one trash truck wears down the street at the same level as 200-300 cars.  By only having one trash service, the City can save your tax dollars on unnecessary street and alley maintenance.

Another reason for establishing a Residential Trash Service is that it can save individuals money.  Previous trash rates in Cheney ranged from the mid $50 per quarter for basic service up to $70 per quarter for other trash services.  By contracting with one trash hauler for City service, the City has been able to negotiate a price.

The City also is doing the billing for the trash service, which will generate a small fund of money.  The fund will generate approximately $12,000 per year, which will be used for maintaining the streets and alleys.  Starting in January of 2008, every City of Cheney, residential water customer will be assessed a monthly fee for trash pick-up.

City trash and recycling service

Waste Management will provide each Cheney residence a 95 gallon trash cart and recycling container for the recyclables.  You will be responsible for having your trash and recyclables at the curb or alley by 6:00 a.m. on Mondays.  You may also include in your trash up to five extra bags or bundles of limbs.  Please remember that the point of recycling is to minimize the amount of trash being taken to the landfill.  The City of Cheney encourages you to recycle, helping to keep our trash rates low.

Your City will bill for the month for which the trash and recycling service will be provided.  For example, January’s trash bill will appear on the January bill which is sent January 1.  You are responsible for paying for the service just as you are for all utilities by the 17th of the month. 

Small Commercial Accounts

Small commercial water accounts can contact City Hall to see if you are eligible to get trash and recycling for your business.  You will only be allowed to generate one cart and ten bags of non-hazardous waste.

If you have further questions or comments, you can call the City at 542-3622.