Cheney Community Foundation

The purpose of the Cheney Community Foundation is to act as a charitable agent for the Cheney Community. As the Charitable Agent, the foundation's job is to connect donors to the community needs and opportunities, pool assets, increase philanthropy and provide leadership on issues and projects that serve the needs of this community. 

What does the Foundation do? 
The foundation was established to provide support to community organizations and projects. The foundation serves as a central place for those who wish to promote the community and the projects in the community that qualify for philanthropic endeavors. 

What does it take to contribute? 
There are several ways to contribute. If you just want to help the foundation as a whole, you can contribute any amount you would like at any time you would like. If you would like to do special contributions there are several ways to do that also. Below are ways of contributing to the foundation, all of which are tax deductible to the extent of the law. 
---Endowments, Outright Gifts, Bequests, Life Insurance, Memorials, Charitable Trusts
---Contribute a one-time donation throughout the year as your budget allows
---Sign-up for "Amazon Smile" and Amazon will donate .5% of each Amazon purchase you make to the Cheney Community Foundation (see link below)

There are almost as many ways to contribute as you can imagine!

Why should I contribute? 
Contributing to a local foundation is a way to assist a community in its endeavor to continue to provide the quality of life that the community has come to expect. The gifts to the foundation keep on giving for generations to come. 

The foundation is a tax free way to continue to give back to the community or organization that you wish to support. This foundation keeps the money in use in the community and will continue to grow and expand into the future. 

So if you are looking at supporting a philanthropic cause, the Cheney Community Foundation will provide you the assistance to make that happen. 

Benefiting Our Community
The Foundation offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors and grants to organizations interested in promoting or enhancing the community, provided that the project is for a charitable purpose. Additional grant information and an application can be found here or by visiting City Hall or Citizens State Bank. 

No amount is too small to make a difference in our Future!

For additional information please contact Roger Brown at the Citizens State Bank (316-542-3142), the Superintendent of Cheney USD 268 (316-542-3512) or City of Cheney City Administrator (316) 542-3622. 

To make automatic monthly donations to the Community Foundation please fill out this form and return to Donations will be deducted on the 1st of every month.